RTV Monitor
Earned Media Monitoring

RTV Monitor monitors published content from radio, television, podcasts and public political debates. We combine our knowledge, experience and AI technology to provide relevant content and context from earned media sources. Ensuring you are always up to date on any mentions within earned media about yourself, any company, party, organisation, competition, stakeholder or a relevant subject, person or brand.

RTV Monitor helps you gain insight. We leverage advanced speech-to-text technology, text recognition (OCR), logo detection, intelligent database and filtering of music, ads and smart noise. Through RSS or our API, we deliver real-time automated feeds based on your specific query (or queries). 

We provide relevant monitoring of broadcasted content from radio, television and podcasts to over 500 companies, organisations and governmental institutions. By using several resellers and partner-integrations, our data can be accessed through different systems, such as Coosto, Lexis Nexis and ANP

With RTV Monitor you have every insight into when a brand, organisation, person, competitor or important subject is mentioned in the media. And most importantly: how.

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We make sure you know exactly what you are up against. If you, your competition or an important stakeholder or subject is mentioned in a broadcast, we’ll let you know, in real-time.

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RTV Monitor