Intelligent Media Monitoring

We are a collective of Dutch Media & Tech companies. Together we monitor, analyse and report on all segments of media, advertising and broadcasting content. Together we build on and utilise our knowledge and know how, sharing infrastructure and expertise. Together we give our customers access to all the data they need.

Members of the SoundAware Group

Music & Airplay Monitoring

SoundAware is a pioneer in automatic content recognition. Our revolutionary technology recognises and analyses the DNA of music & media. We create analytical and tracking opportunities for broadcasted content on radio, television and mobile devices. SoundAware Media Monitoring serves a wide range of companies in broadcast media, advertising, marketing, music publishing and collective rights management.

Earned Media Monitoring

RTV Monitor ensures you are always up to date on any mentions within the media about yourself, any company, party, organisation, competition, stakeholder or a relevant subject, person or brand. We use the power of people and state of the art AI technology to provide over 500 companies, organisations and governmental institutions with relevant monitoring of broadcasted content from radio, television, politics and podcasts.

Media & Advertising Intelligence

AdFact monitors all mass media to map out all ‘above the line’ (ATL) campaigns. We store all television and cinema commercials, radio ads, newspaper and magazine advertisements, outdoor advertising, online display and video communications. We enrich this information with extensive metadata. Custom to the wishes of our customer, we add sector-specific characteristics, creating extensive report- and analysing possibilities.

Online Music & Event Monitoring

TRCKTrace knows where all live music events are being held and where your music is being played, by screening social media and (online) music platforms. If your music is out there, being played on the web or live on stage, we will trace & identify it and report back with metadata. This will help you to collect your rightful earnings. We believe in fair payment for content creators. By using our technology, you can achieve just that.