Music & Airplay Monitoring

We are a pioneer in automatic content recognition. Our revolutionary technology recognises and analyses the DNA of music & media. We create analytical and tracking opportunities for broadcasted content on radio and television.

SoundAware delivers real-time content and data. We identify and track music, content and ads broadcasted on the radio (airplay), television and mobile devices. With our content identification and AI technology, our team of dedicated music & data specialists deliver advanced, in-depth and real-time, customisable data and insight. All gathered data is stored, providing a searchable archive, ready for any retrospective analysis.

Our airplay data is highly accurate – near perfect – and used by several European collective management organisations, as a basis for royalty payment to their composers, writers and artists. Furthermore, SoundAware serves a wide range of companies and organisations in media, advertising, marketing and music publishing.

A selection of our customers

SoundAware delivers highly accurate data and any insight you may need. We give you the DNA of music and audio in media.

Alex Terpstra