SoundAware Group: shared technology, knowledge & expertise

Ever since its inception, SoundAware has been pioneering various proprietary technologies. This, in order to efficiently identify audio and video content at scale and to separate content types within it, such as music, tunes, speech, text, commercials, billboards, news, entertainment, objects and logos.

As a Music Recognition Technology company (MRT), SoundAware initially focused on developing a new and highly optimised ‘fingerprinting’ technology, often referred to as Automatic Content Recognition (ACR). The accuracy and precision of the identification, also for identifying background music (so-called ‘dirty audio’) and short fragments, has been industry-leading for many years and still is today.

Adding Artificial Intelligence, Speech Recognition, On-screen Character Recognition, Logo Recognition and several other techniques, allows to quickly identify various content patterns, instantly and over time, making the technology more versatile as well as very efficient in working with very large datasets.

Today these technologies are deployed not only for music monitoring but also application areas such as paid-, earned- and owned-media monitoring benefit from the substantial technology base available within the SoundAware Group.

Additionally, SoundAware built an extensive infrastructure for monitoring radio and television signals at scale and in a highly reliable fashion. And with the TRCKTrace web crawling technology, monitoring online opened up another set of applications.

While all serving their own distinct market segments, with their own specific media monitoring and data analytics applications, each company within the SoundAware Group leverages this unique technology set, infrastructure and expertise as available within the SoundAware Group.