Online Music & Event Monitoring

TRCKTrace delivers web crawling technology for the monitoring of live music events and the tracking and recognising of all available online audio & music content. Combining our intelligent crawler, fingerprint technology and deep understanding of the music industry, makes TRCKTrace your go-to tool when seeking meta data on (global) live music events and the tracking of published music online.

TRCKTrace delivers web crawling technology for two different products. Live music events & online published audio and music.

Live music events: collecting global data on music events

We can detect all music events in your preferred area, both live and recorded music events. If a music event is announced online, we will find it and report back on it, all relevant information included. TRCKTrace is your gateway to track music events in your city, area, country or all over the globe.

Published audio & music online: find music to help owners claim rights

Our highly innovative software is able to track and trace any digital form of music. With our fingerprinting technology, we grab music files and include all metadata. For matching purposes, we have our own extensive database, yet we are also connected to all major global music databases.

Besides offering online music and live event monitoring, custom and specialised solutions for the music industry are also available. Simply contact us for all possibilities. With our dedicated team of web crawling specialists with an ear for music and extensive knowledge of and within the music industry, we’ll gladly help you monetise your music, business and creations. We’ll supercharge your (online) copyrights and help you earn what is rightfully yours.

A selection of our customers

We have deep knowledge & understanding of the music industry. If anyone can give insight and help you earn what’s rightfully yours, it’s TRCKTrace.

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